HempFX Review

Welcome to the HempFX review page. As an Independent Representative of Youngevity it is a little hard to give you a fair review. You may say that I am a little partial because I have been a Youngevity rep since 2009. It is quite a long time to see how the company operates. It does so by adding new companies to its product lines. HempFX is the latest company to be acquired by Youngevity.

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HempFX 3 New Products

HempFX brings 3 new products to the long list of Youngevity products Soothe, Relax, and Uplift. These 3 new products contain hemp oil which is now legal in all 50 states and Canada. The hemp is organically grown in the United States in non GMO facilities. The products does just what the names imply. Soothe pains away, Relax the body for rest and Uplift your morale and feel better. That is about the best way I can explain these cbd products.

To be honest about this HempFX review I have to say there are many other companies that deal in hemp oil products. many of these companies are new to network marketing. This could be good and it can also be negative. With Youngevity you are getting a company that dates back to the early 1990’s and has proven it can stay in business. The company stock is even publicly listed on the Over The Counter stock exchange. If you join Youngevity you also get 20 or more other product lines including Javafit Coffee.  I have been drinking Javafit coffee since 2009 and always have several bags or pods in stock at home for my personal use. maybe they will come out with a CBD oil infused coffee in the future. I think that will be a big hit!

I am hoping to give you the HempFX review next year and be able to tell you that there are now more hemp oil products added to the line. I would personally like to see some pure hemp cbd oil concentrates. I use cbd oil now but Youngevity does not have what I am now using and seeing working for me. When they do add what I presently use then I will switch over.

I would like to be able to write more about this HempFX review but I just do not have much more information to add. Read over the pages in this website to get more information about the HempFX CBD Oil Products.

HempFX Review
HempFX Review


Youngevity Hemp Fx Canada

Order the Canadian Youngevity Distributor Welcome Pak 290101 for $25 or sign up as a preferred customer for free. After joining you can then purchase whatever items you want at wholesale.

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Youngevity Hemp Fx Canada is now in the CBD Hemp Oil business with its purchase of HempFX earlier this year. These products are available in the United States and Canada. We are looking for new representatives to join Youngevity Canada in this exciting CBD hemp oil business.

HempFX Has Three Hemp Oil Products

  1. HempFX SootheSoothe™ contains a company blend of hemp derived CBD oil, as well as a variety of herbs, minerals, and a powerful antioxidant known as glutathione. Soothe™ is known to support a healthy immune system and may help soothe sore muscles and joints with aches and pains.


2. HempFX RelaxRelax™ has the same hemp-derived CBD oil found in Soothe™, combined with several botanicals known to relax the body. These  botanicals are chamomile, lavender, valerian, and melatonin for its sleep helping benefits.



HempFX Uplift Canada3. Uplift™ takes Youngevity’s blend of hemp derived CBD oil and combines it with Saint John’s Wort and several natural terpenes and cannabinoid enhancers.



Youngevity Hemp Fx Canada CBD Business

These three products are now available in Canada and its provenances. Get on board with Youngevity and start marketing these new hemp oil products in the following areas: Vancouver, British Columbia – Calgary, Alberta – Ottawa, Ontario – Quebec City, Quebec – Hamilton, Ontario – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Kitchener, Ontario

We look forward to working with you in the Canada HempFX CBD oil business.

HempFx CBD Oil

What You Need To Know About Hemp FX CBD Oil

CBD is a cannabinoid beneficial for health and well-being. CBD is increasingly popular as a dietary supplement and is now in 3 products that Youngevity carries. The CBD may vary a bit, so we thought it would be a good idea to make a list of the top CBD products. All of the hemp based CBD products from HempFX CBD oil are legal and are made by HempFX or a manufacturer in the United States. There CDB blended products offer peace of mind to those who want to add a bit of CBD in their lives.

What Is HempFX CBD Oil?

CBD Hemp Oil Made In USAActually CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. The oil rich in cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural botanical concentrate that has been extracted from hemp plants with high concentrations of CBD and low THC. Using a specialized extraction process, scientists are able to produce CBD oil with a unique concentration of CBD. Cannabidiol is one of the more than 85 cannabinoids found in hemp plants. The best known are tetrahydro cannabinol (THC) and CBD (cannabidiol).

On the other hand, our bodies contain receptors for cannabinoids. CB1 receptors are found primarily in the brain, and CB2 receptors are found in other types of cells, including those in the immune system and the digestive system. We have these receptors because we also have endocannabinoids, or cannabinoids that our body produces naturally.

Most cannabis products contain a mixture of high in THC and low in CBD, but if you are only interested in medical effects, CBD is the part you should be looking at from Hemp FX.

Why Should You Use CBD Products

If you have followed the latest advances in dietary supplements for health and well-being, you may have already heard about CBD oil products, even if you have never seen a cannabis plant. There is increasing evidence that adding CBD to your diet can relieve and protect against a variety of diseases, including inflammatory bowel diseases arthritis, strokes and heart attacks.

Can CBD Help Oil Treat Epilepsy?

There is evidence that CBD oil can treat certain types of epilepsy. Epidiolex purified CBD oil reduced seizures by 40% in tests of children with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Some of the children did not respond to the drug, however. It’s promising, but it’s not a miracle cure. Besides that, the evidence is questionable. CBD oil merchants claim that it can help with hundreds of medical problems. One of those companies, states that there are more than 23,000 scientific publications on the medical uses of CBD oil.

The only problem is that most of these publications are about preclinical research. In other words, investigations are carried out in tubes or in mice. The treatments that work in mice sometimes also work in humans, but this type of research is preliminary. Many preclinical investigations turn out not to work in humans.

So if you want to use CBD oil for your own pain, anxiety or inflammatory conditions (like arthritis), it is the equivalent of a great effort of faith. You are trusting that what worked in the mice will work in your human body.

CBD Oil May Calm Your Muscle Pains
HempFX CBD For Pain Management
HempFX CBD Oil For Pain Management

You need to relax? Do you have problems with muscle pain? We recommend a very effective natural product with natural CBD oil . This oil contains pure CBD extracts, which is very effective in combating these types of conditions. You do not have to worry about anything, because it is a product that is fully legalized, since it does not contain THC and comes from the hemp plant.

HempFX products have CBD hemp oil in them and is currently one of the best options that we can choose if we want to end those muscular pains and take advantage of all the therapeutic benefits it presents. The best of all is that it is a natural product that helps us improve our state of health, based on the advantages offered by hemp without having to suffer the side effects of THC.

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil and It’s Benefits

What is the CBD?

The cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main components of the marijuana and hemp plant. Unlike THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the other main component), it does not produce negative mental alterations. While THC is responsible for psychotic effects, CBD decreases and controls them: it is anti-anxiety and reduces paranoia. In this article we will be discussing the benefits of CBD oil.

CBD is one of the more than 60 cannabinoids that can be extracted from cannabis. CBD oil can be obtained in various forms, liquid, cream and even as chewable . Its most known compound of cannabis and its main psychoactive ingredient is tetrahydro cannabinol (THC).CBD is not a psychoactive substance, unlike THC, which it is?

Industrial hemp contains more CBD and low THC levels. However, marijuana has less CBD and more THC.

It is constantly investigated on the multiple medicinal properties of CBD, proving that there are a series of disorders of the body, whose symptoms are alleviated by the CBD.

Allowed a patient to be treated for inflammatory and neurode generative disorders with CBD.  These tests are also used to help children who suffer from a rather rare form of epilepsy.

CBD products sold on the Internet are classified as personal care products or natural supplements. The continuous investigations carried out do not cease to shed more and more light on CBD oils.

Benefits Of CBD Oil

Currently, there are many studies that demonstrate the benefits of CBD.  This compound is of great help for patients with both mental disorders and neurode generative diseases.

Autism, arthritis, schizophrenia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or post-traumatic stress disorder are some of the pathologies that are treated with CBD, for its sedative effect and combat symptoms such as pain, spasticity or insomnia, providing the patient with almost immediate relief.

And why is CBD so beneficial? The cannabis plant is considered a medicinal plant, and CBD is the chemical component in which we find the benefits of this without a psychotropic effect. CBD helps relieve anxiety, nausea, spasticity, inflammation, loss of appetite and chronic pain and is also a preventive treatment of these symptoms.

CBD is not addictive, their side effects are mild and to experience them you must have consumed a wide range of doses. Some of these effects may be drowsiness, dizziness or dry mouth but cease using if or when you thik you are having issues whit the CBD product.

Benefits Of CBD Oil
Benefits Of CBD Oil – As you can see, CBD has many more benefits then most people can imagine.
  • It calms pain: it inhibits the neuronal transmission of pain, which makes it ideal for patients with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis or cancer.
  • Reduces anxiety: acts directly on the central nervous system, contributing to the release of relaxing hormones. People with anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder or social anxiety can be highly favored. In this experiment, a journalist took CBD oil for 7 days and found immediate relief from her panic attacks.
  • It helps the skin: applying the CBD hemp oil directly on the skin has a regenerating effect on the cells, delaying the oxidation process that produces wrinkles and spots.
  • Prevents and treats cancer: It has antitumor properties and also prevents the migration, invasion and adhesion of cancer cells; as Dr. Ax explains in this article. In a study published by the Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, it was shown that CBD inhibited the growth of breast cancer tumors. It can also be used as a parallel treatment, because it reduces pain and calms anxiety, two things that greatly affect cancer patients.
  • It increases the appetite: and stimulates the digestive system. This could be very useful for people who are recovering from diseases, those who want to gain a little weight or those who have lost their appetite for conditions such as depression.
  • It favors the heart: its antioxidant properties prevent degenerative cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, it relaxes the blood vessels, which could help reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.
  • Other: reduces nausea and stress, possible medicine against epilepsy, acne, type 1 diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Are CBD Products For You?

Benefits of CBD hemp oil from Youngevity Hemp FX.
Benefits of CBD hemp oil from Youngevity Hemp FX.

You can get CBD oil in a pure concentrated form, in capsules, or in balsams and sprays for external applications. Remember that it is very powerful and should only be taken in small quantities usually 5 to 25 mg one to two times a day. Dosage varies widely and can be different from one person to another. Start off low and gradually increase until you get the desired effects. Studies are still underway to check its effectiveness, and the results are very promising. Without a doubt CBD is one of the great medicinal secrets of nature. People are trying CBD products to see if it can help them with their condition. I personally use full spectrum CBD hemp oil to help ease pain I have in my back and neck. I do not get complete pain relief but I do get some relief and that is better then none. As you can see, the benefits of CBD oil are many.