HempFX Review

Welcome to the HempFX review page. As an Independent Representative of Youngevity it is a little hard to give you a fair review. You may say that I am a little partial because I have been a Youngevity rep since 2009. It is quite a long time to see how the company operates. It does so by adding new companies to its product lines. HempFX is the latest company to be acquired by Youngevity.

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HempFX 3 New Products

HempFX brings 3 new products to the long list of Youngevity products Soothe, Relax, and Uplift. These 3 new products contain hemp oil which is now legal in all 50 states and Canada. The hemp is organically grown in the United States in non GMO facilities. The products does just what the names imply. Soothe pains away, Relax the body for rest and Uplift your morale and feel better. That is about the best way I can explain these cbd products.

To be honest about this HempFX review I have to say there are many other companies that deal in hemp oil products. many of these companies are new to network marketing. This could be good and it can also be negative. With Youngevity you are getting a company that dates back to the early 1990’s and has proven it can stay in business. The company stock is even publicly listed on the Over The Counter stock exchange. If you join Youngevity you also get 20 or more other product lines including Javafit Coffee.  I have been drinking Javafit coffee since 2009 and always have several bags or pods in stock at home for my personal use. maybe they will come out with a CBD oil infused coffee in the future. I think that will be a big hit!

I am hoping to give you the HempFX review next year and be able to tell you that there are now more hemp oil products added to the line. I would personally like to see some pure hemp cbd oil concentrates. I use cbd oil now but Youngevity does not have what I am now using and seeing working for me. When they do add what I presently use then I will switch over.

I would like to be able to write more about this HempFX review but I just do not have much more information to add. Read over the pages in this website to get more information about the HempFX CBD Oil Products.

HempFX Review
HempFX Review