Youngevity Hemp Fx Canada

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Youngevity Hemp Fx Canada is now in the CBD Hemp Oil business with its purchase of HempFX earlier this year. These products are available in the United States and Canada. We are looking for new representatives to join Youngevity Canada in this exciting CBD hemp oil business.

HempFX Has Three Hemp Oil Products

  1. HempFX SootheSoothe™ contains a company blend of hemp derived CBD oil, as well as a variety of herbs, minerals, and a powerful antioxidant known as glutathione. Soothe™ is known to support a healthy immune system and may help soothe sore muscles and joints with aches and pains.


2. HempFX RelaxRelax™ has the same hemp-derived CBD oil found in Soothe™, combined with several botanicals known to relax the body. These  botanicals are chamomile, lavender, valerian, and melatonin for its sleep helping benefits.



HempFX Uplift Canada3. Uplift™ takes Youngevity’s blend of hemp derived CBD oil and combines it with Saint John’s Wort and several natural terpenes and cannabinoid enhancers.



Youngevity Hemp Fx Canada CBD Business

These three products are now available in Canada and its provenances. Get on board with Youngevity and start marketing these new hemp oil products in the following areas: Vancouver, British Columbia – Calgary, Alberta – Ottawa, Ontario – Quebec City, Quebec – Hamilton, Ontario – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Kitchener, Ontario

We look forward to working with you in the Canada HempFX CBD oil business.